The Ultimate Entertainment Space

StoneSoup’s Loft is a spacious and elegantly designed area located on the upper floor of our establishment. It serves as a versatile entertainment space that combines the charm of live music with the excitement of a pool table. Key Features: The Grand Piano: The Loft is home to a magnificent grand piano, which takes center […]

Unwind and Recharge at StoneSoup’s Cozy Oasis

 StoneSoup’s Lounge is a carefully designed space where comfort and style intersect. It’s a cosy oasis within our establishment, perfect for those looking to unwind, socialize, or enjoy some personal time.   Key Features: Plush Seating: Sink into our sumptuous chairs and sofas, strategically arranged for relaxation. Plentiful cushions and soft textures make this space […]

Sip and Savor the Finest at StoneSoup

StoneSoup takes pride in offering a diverse and carefully curated beverage menu that caters to every palate. Whether you’re a cocktail enthusiast, a wine lover, or prefer non-alcoholic options, our drinks menu has something for everyone.   Key Features: Cocktail Creations: Our cocktail menu features an array of creative concoctions. From classics like the Old […]